Pizza Killers

An acoustic hardcore, punk rock band, the Pizza Killers was formed in 2013 in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The members of the group:

  • Egor - vocals
  • YMCA - bass , backing vocals
  • Lech - guitar, backing vocals
  • Toljan - drums , backing vocals

Just like the original members of the Beattles, there use to be another person who was one of the founding members of the Pizza Killers, who for personal reasons dropped out of the band before they were successful. This young man, who wants to remain annonymous so we shall refer to him as X, had financial obligations that required his getting a steady paying job. He trained as a Salesforce specialist who eventually excelled at Salesforce customization. offers cloud computing and social enterprise software platforms: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud,, Chatter and It is the platform many organizations and businesses use for their Customer relationship management (CRM) system. It utilizes technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales for marketing and customer service, as well as offers technical support. X worked for a company that offered detailed guidance to configure the Salesforce platform to a business's existing work flow and would also customizethe functionality of the Salesforce platform, to an organization’s unique requirements. One wonders if he ever regrets turning away from the life of an acoustic hardcore, punk rock musician.


 With Herbs and Mushrooms  2012

They Live! Records    diy punk label since 2007  Tomsk city, Western Siberia, Russia
Give x Blood   Independent hardcore/punk label from Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Rise & Fall Records
No Bread!   Record label from Russia; independent music and antimusic from ex-USSR and other countries.

Singles & EPs

Pizza Killers & Margaret Thrasher (2) - The Ultimate Team ‎(CD, Mini)
Give x Blood

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1. Margaret Thrasher – Again We  00:14

We signed up for the shit again !

2. Margaret Thrasher - Do You Remember Those Days 02:21

Hundreds of fresh layers of circumstances
 We cover our life.
Now that we have new people –
I can not see you.
Let everyone go to his side.
Now more and more difficult.
On and on we.
And it can not give us back our time, but ...

I know that I am always ready to smile back.
Today is a special day - I met a friend!
Do not forget the smiles that we had.
If not it must be important?
I am ready to leave everything for later.

Days pass so quickly,
And I want to ask yoursel :
"What I also did not have time today,
Moreover same as yesterday?"
Good days pass so quickly.
I'm so sick of myself.
 Again, the thought of what I did today,
And I meet you
We were once a part of the whole,
And I do not want to throw it into the abyss!
Time does not wait, but I can not look back!
Do you remember? I remember!
Part of the whole!

 3. Margaret Thrasher - Thousands Burnt by Boiling   00:54

Thousands burnt by boiling
On myspace , VKontakte, Learn friends!
Hundreds careless speeches \!
Hundreds extinct lights!

Thousands burnt by boiling!
Hundreds destinies of lives of children.
On going through dozens of deaths.
Liters tears of mothers.

Hey, you! Yes, you! I'm telling you!
You're not so cheerful when telling me ,
What I have paranoia, my paranoia .
When it is in the internet, in the newspaper, TV . everywhere!

Peter , Izhevsk , Moscow, Kazan - everywhere!
Observe Internet hygiene.
Be online hygiene, friends

4. Margaret Thrasher - When You're Lying to Yourself    01:12

Why invent themselves
After all, you can just be here, I'm here?
What an empty word and dust in our eyes?

To hell with that level
And everything that is not you and me! ..
... And who do , I wonder?
It is not necessary standard phrases,
And as I know -
You can believe once!

Everyone has their own world , no one would give.
A unique dimension of X , where their colors,
Their dreams , their joys , their own truth.
I do not even think to ruin your world.
Probably easier not to go out of the black shell,
Rather than try to see new faces -
But let all fall, and you 'll stay.

Do I say to you,
Or someone else says about you?
I feel cheated ...

When you lie yourself!, friends

5. Margaret Thrasher - Hope, The Memories And Luck 03:51

This time we wrote a sad song.
It's not necessary for you to singalong.
At such moments we can't believe that life can be so short.
Too short!

Sometimes we think this world can't be kind but
Fire in our hearts is the reason to go on.
And they wanna kill you if you refuse to be blind.
I know you're hurting now but i can't see through your soul.

People are dying is that ok?
No one can live forever and that's ok.
But our lives go on
And all we've got is
Hope, the memories and the luck.

It's not about political position, nationality —
Everyone can be a victim. еven you.
And another hatred can't change this reality.
And blind revenge cannot bring back your friends.
We've gotta try something new!

Every day and everywhere we see this violence in the streets, we feel it.
Sometimes we think we are small.
Disappointment and apathy!
We're not robots. it's ok but
We're not gonna take this new reality of
Hate, the violence and false pride.

We're not gonna!
Keep the silence!
No way!
We gotta shout!
Rest in peace you, friends.

And i hope they'll get into the better world.
And i guess they can hear us. each every word.
Should they like our sadness?
So we better not cry.
We won't give in we will survive!
Keeping on this
Hope, the memories and luck
That's all we've got
Hope, the memories and luck
All we've got is
Hope, the memories and luck
And nothing more!

6. Margaret Thrasher - No One, No One Should Be  02:22          

Yes, no one owes nothing
And he promised .
I remember every time , and I understand ,
That claim would have to leave at home.
And we are back in their seats ,
At a safe distance - nobody nobody , yes!
I just thought , how many take from me ,
As much and come back !

But I come back to reality :
You're playing tricks on me .
It looks as if I'm falling ,
And you at the last moment to take your hands .

No one no one should!
No one owes nothing promised!
I will remember that I remain still?
No one no one should!
No one owes nothing promised!
I will remember,
To the next time I was not so surprised.

Just in time everything is crumbling,
And I think that I do not know you!
Or that it would be better not to know.
I could not imagine that things could turn so.
But even if my words do not reach the goal,
Whichever it was not - they have touched me.

I'll try to have at least as much,
What I ask, I ask and expect from you,
Returned. I will try to,
To you do not feel like me.
And fuck

7. Margaret Thrasher - Everything Will Be All Right 02:41
No Lyrics: 

8. Pizza Killers – Intro 00:28

One two three four!
Punk rock intro insides !
The ecstasy beysya ! Hey !
It is not just a song !
( It is! ) This is a call to action !!!
Pizza Killers zdeeeeeeees !

9. Pizza Killers - Slam 01:29           

Dispersal dive into the crowd , jump and shout !
Shook all those who slam .
You rushing, and you're ready to jump over all .
And we have this approach is laughable .

We all fucked !!!

( Hey ! ) Stop back! Stop!
Cooled his ardor !
It is important that you not only jump ,
But cast a spell .

You came here to have fun,
And we have to make it clear
So how do you something to strive for ,
All that has to realize .

10. Pizza Killers – RDK 01:42
I balance of your clear , Mr. Rock Cafe !
Mr. fuck -on- artist, and a non- fuck -on- lave .
Under his songs more popular cover versions -
A sure way to be in first place
in RDK .

I poebat - I went there to dance.
Who better to chop rock, you probably know better.
I remember all your services , but you must understand -
Its time to change policy .

11. Pizza Killers – War 00:36

War - it is a TV show !!!

And only tears of mothers , the death of their sons ,
Only this shock . ( It's a shock ! )

War - it is a TV show !!! War!

12. Pizza Killers - Ear of Flies 00:23

Ear of flies - not at the hearing ,
But only bite - breathtaking!

13. Pizza Killers - Live Sound?  01:27

Return Uncle Borya ! Bring back the glory Gluck !
The jury of the live sound - boredom !
There is now a place can take either a bitch and ...
Bliiiiiaaaaaad !
The jury of live sound .

We are aware of your tastes rotten tusy !
Who will be the first brother? Probably nerves ! Yes!!!
Questions to steer the course of taste rot in the trash !

 14. Pizza Killers - Remember 01:27

Hundreds of fresh layers of circumstances
We cover our life.
Now that we have new people -
I can not see you.
Let everyone go to his side .
Now more and more difficult .
On and on we .
And it can not give us back our time , but ...

I know that I am always ready to smile back .
Today is a special day - I met a friend !
Do not forget the smiles that we had .
If not it must be important?
I am ready to leave everything for later.

Days pass so quickly ,
And I want to ask yourself :
"What I also did not have time today ,
Moreover same as yesterday ? "
Good days pass so quickly .
I'm so sick of myself.
Again, the thought of what I did today ,
And I meet you!

We were once a part of the whole,
And I do not want to throw it into the abyss !
Time does not wait , but I can not look back !
Do you remember? I remember!
Part of the whole!

 15. Pizza Killers – Fucking 00:32

Fucking or podzaebalo?
In vain , or may have come here a little?
" Na'otebis " - this is just the beginning! Social Network
It was fucking , but it's time to go home.
Remember Pizza Killers, Krasnoyarsk ,
Year two zero two eight .

Squander brain to blame - the year two two zero nine .
Fucking !

Credits:< br/> released 29 March 2011